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You can buy some of my works at [美術手帖OIL] or [ArtSticker] .


Iyanaga Yuriko

  -  彌永   ゆり子

1991     Born in Kanagawa,Japan. Immediately moved to Kyoto.
2010     Graduated from Kyoto City Dohda Arts and Crafts High School,Department of Ceramics
2016     Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting
2018     Kyoto City University of Arts Master’s Course Graduate School of Fine Arts Oil Painting Major Completed

-Solo exhibition
July 2017    “Entity-Painting” @ Kyoto KUNST ARZT [LINK]
October 2017    “images / or paintings” @ Kyoto KUNST ARZT [LINK]
March-April 2018    “where are you?where am i,” @ Nagoya YEBISU ART LABO [LINK]
May-June 2018    “digital paintings” @ Kyoto Gallery Yuragi  [LINK]
March 2021    “IMG://shape/weightless/” @ Kyoto KUNST ARZT  [LINK]

-Group exhibitions
December 2017     “VvK20「ウォーホル美術 / Warhol Art」” @ Kyoto KUNST ARZT
February 2018    “Kyoto City University of Arts Exhibition” @ Kyoto City University of Arts
June 2018    Saga Art University Oil Painting Research Room Exhibition”思考する視線 2018″ @ Kyoto MEISEI
January-February 2019    “Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2019 “@ The museum of Kyoto
November 2019    Muko – Omiya Open Studio @ STUDIO Shibu Omiya

January 2019    “not here but here(lf#5)”,2019 / Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2019 Yomiuri Shinbun(i.e. newspaper) Prize
"シッタカブリアンの午睡" November 2017 Namiki Kiyotaka "Yuriko Iyanaga" Exhibition Review [LINK]
"artscape" December 1, 2017 issue Takafumi Kobuki "Yuriko Iyanaga" exhibition Review [LINK]
"Kyoto Shimbun" October 28, 2017 Takafumi Kobuki "Yuriko Iyanaga" Exhibition Review [IMG]
"Yomiuri Shimbun" January 24, 2019 "Kyoto's New Selected Art The Museum of Kyoto" [IMG]
"Kyoto Shimbun" March 13, 2021 Takafumi Kobuki "Yuriko Iyanaga" Exhibition Review [IMG]
"シッタカブリアンの午睡" March 2021 Namiki Kiyotaka "Yuriko Iyanaga" Exhibition Review [LINK]


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